About us

Tailor fitted solutions for dermatlogy,implantology, maxillo-facial and plastic surgery. Individually customized - for an optimized surgical preparation !

Combining our knowledge with professional resources acrosss different disciplines we have been serving successfully surgeries and clinics since 2003. Our customers, namely the surgical staff, appreciate our flexibility to manufacture customized drape kits and custom precedure trays. Our single use products fulfil the European standards and medical device directives.

Customized procedure and drape kits stand for an efficiant surgical preparation. All components that are required for the surgery, such as gowns, drapes, tubings until instruments are ready to use instantly. In order to guarantee a uniform high quality we purchase our raw material and components only from certified manufacturers. Our strict quality control, where among others the bioburden level of the incoming goods ist determined, secure that only perfectly hygenic components are packed in our cleanroom. The subsequent sterilization with EO-gas guarantees that all components are provided completely germ free. The product label with GS1-barcode includes beside the content all important information for the documentation such as REF, LOT, expiry date and regulative marks.

Individo-Set® - MADE in GERMANY